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Wallace Cameron products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Station

A leading designer & manufacturer of First Aid kits & eye wash stations for all industries including food & catering.

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Station
Conforms to EN1040, EN1276, EN12054

The ideal Hand Sanitizer Station with sign that can be wall mounted anywhere, especially in high traffic areas in any business. The foam formula sanitizer destroys 99.99% of bactericidal activity for up to 4 hours after use leaving hands cleaner for longer. The touch free hand sanitizer encourages good hygiene in the workplace reduces absenteeism due to the spread of disease such as influenza, H1N1, H5N1 and rhinovirus.

It dispensed the perfect amount every time and leaves hands soft, moisturised and it non-irritating.

Reduces absenteeism due to Flu, H1N1, H5Na & Rhinovirus
Destroys 99.99 of bacteria
Leaves hands bateria free for up to 4 hours
Encourages good hygiene

Ideal for communal areas with high traffic
Vending machines
Lifts / stairs

4274011 Hand Sanitizer Refill -1100ml x4
6803072 Hand Sanitizer Station - Without Sign
7601022 Hand Sanitizer Station - With Sign

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