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426 Laser

Bolle Safety products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

426 Laser
426 LAS + filter

For 120 years, Bollé Safety is an unrivalled nylon specialist and can proudly claim to produce the finest lens surface treatment in the world, selling more than 5 million pairs of protective eyewear every year.

426 LASER (Ref # 426LAS + filter n°)

Our ultra-light frames are made up of a special plastic/metal alloy, resistant to laser radiation.
The side shields, moulded from the same material as the laser filter, combine perfect vision and maximum safety.
Weight : 29 g

In order to offer you a safe and satisfactory solution to your laser protection needs it is necessary for us to have accurate information describing your laser and its application, particularly in terms of risks assessment. The information from the LASER QUESTIONNAIRE will allow us to calculate the appropriate level of laser protection needed and recommend suitable laser protection from the Bollé range.
In order to give precise recommendations for a best laser protection, a study of the working place should be performed to define exactly the beam parameters (energy, surface). These parameters are completely different from those of the working point. Do not assume that extremes values (maximum energy, minimum surface) are more secure, because this leads to either a non-existing laser protection or one protection with a visible transmission dangerously low.

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