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Cederroth products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cederroth first aid panel & dispensers

Cederroth is a dynamic company with an extensive range of products in the personal care, healthcare, wound care, household and first aid sectors.With manufacturing units in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Spain.

Cederroth First Aid Panel (REF 190970)

1. Clear
2. Ready to use
3. Easy to refill
4. Cost effective
The Bloodstoppers are always available in the event of emergencies. When an adhesive bandage is pulled from the dispenser, one of the adhesive surfaces is exposed for ease of application. By exposing the adhesive surface, the bandage must be used immediately. This reduces unnecessary use of adhesive bandages, and helps to ensure an adequate supply when genuinely required.

1 Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstopper
3 Cederroth 4-in-1 mini Bloodstoppers
1 Triangular Bandage Kit (2-pack)
1 Cederroth Protection Kit
1 Salvequick Dispenser
1 Savett Dispenser
1 First Aid Instruction

Dimensions: W 41 x H 55 x D 8 cm.

Salvequick Dispenser (REF 1907CAP) and Savett Dispenser (REF 3250) can be bought separately.

Clear colour illustrations and First Aid instructions are printed on the packages. REF 190970


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