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Vinyl Holdalls Chemical Spill Response Kit

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

Vinyl Holdalls Chemical Spill Response Kit

Probably the most useful of all spill kits. Wherever there's a need for a spill kit, there's bound to be room for one of these. It could be in the laboratory cupboard, hanging on the back of a door or in the van. There's three sizes. 10ltr, 20ltr and 50ltr. The 10ltr is particularly designed for use on fork-lift trucks, and includes a tub of 'Drum Plug' for stopping burst drums. The bag itself is complete with self-adhesive 'velcro' strips for mounting on any flat surface.

Both the 20ltr and 50ltr kits are extremely versatile. The holdalls they are packed in include a carrying/hanging strap.

Superior grade chemical absorbent refillable spillage kit
Filled with superior grade absorbent products
Easy to follow instructions included in the kit
Supplied in a top quality UV resistant vinyl holdall with easy Velcro access.
Complete spill kit designed for spills up to 30litres
Products packed in deployment order
Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, including agressive chemicals and oil
Kit is small enough to be stored almost anywhere, van and lorry cabs, workbenches, confined storage areas.
Clearly labelled to eliminate confusion.
Kit includes waste disposal bags and cable ties for an efficient disposal of used product.

04-1010 (10ltr Holdall)

04-1020 (20ltr Holdall)

04-1050 (50ltr Holdall)

7 x Pads

12 x Pads

30 x Pads

1 x 1.2m Sock

2 x 1.2m Sock

3 x 1.2m Sock

1 x Drum Plug

3 x Disposal Bag

3 x Pillows

2 x Disposal Bag


5 x Disposal Bags

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