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Sensors Transmitters

Recom products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Sensors Transmitters
Sensor transmitters used in Explorer systems

Recom Industriale s.r.l. provides detectors for continuous monitoring of virtually all hazards of combu- stible atmospheres, toxic gases, oxygen deficieny using detection methods that best suit your application.

Sensors Transmitters
The sensors used in the Explorer systems are built according to the following detections principles :

  • Catalytic combustion for combustible gases

  • electrochemical for toxic gases and oxygen

  • infra red for hydrocarbons in high concentrations (%) or in absence of oxygen, for CO2 and N2O

  • PID for VOC

Certifications :

II 2G - EEx d IIC T6 - IP 6X - T85oC

CE - DNV (Dent Norske Veritas) - R.I.Na (Registro Navale Italiano)

Compound Sensor type Range Certification
Combustible gases & vapours Catalytic 0-100% LEL ATEX
Hydrocyanic acid HCN Electrochemical 0-100 ppm ATEX
Nitrogen dioxide NO2 Electrochemical 0-20 ppm ATEX
Chlorine dioxide ClO2 Electrochemical 0-1 ppm ATEX
Hydrogen H2 Electrochemical 0-1000ppm ATEX
Hydrogen sulphide H2S Electrochemical 0-50 ppm ATEX
Nitric oxide NO Electrochemical 0-100 ppm ATEX
Carbon monoxide CO Electrochemical 0-300 ppm ATEX
Ethylene oxide C2H4O Electrochemical 0-20 ppm ATEX
Oxygen O2 Electrochemical 0-30% Vol ATEX
Ozone O3 Electrochemical 0-1 ppm ATEX
Hydrochloric acid HCL Electrochemical 0-100 ppm ATEX
Hydrofluoric acid HF Electrochemical 0-10 ppm ATEX
Ammonia NH3 Electrochemical 0-100 ppm ATEX
Sulphur dioxide SO2 Electrochemical 0-20 ppm ATEX
Arsine AsH3 Electrochemical 0-1 ppm ATEX
Chlorine Cl2 Electrochemical 0-20 ppm ATEX
Fluorine F2 Electrochemical 0-1 ppm ATEX
Silani SiH4 Electrochemical 0-1 ppm ATEX
Carbon dioxide CO2 Infra-red 0-1%; 0-10%; o-20%; 0-100%  
Hydrocarbons HC Infra-red 0-100 % Vol  
Methane CH4 Infra-red 0-100 % Vol  
Freon Infra-red 0-1000 ppm  
Binary gases es. SF6 TC various scales  
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds

PID-Photo ionization 0-20ppm; 0-100ppm



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