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Explorer Gas Point

Recom products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Explorer Gas Point
Stand alone gas detector

Recom Industriale s.r.l. provides detectors for continuous monitoring of virtually all hazards of combu- stible atmospheres, toxic gases, oxygen deficieny using detection methods that best suit your application.

Explorer Gas Point
Stand alone gas detector
Explorer Gas Point allows to measure in real time the presence of flammable componds (0-100 % LEL), Oxygen (%O2), toxic gases (ppm) or VOC (ppm VOC).

The measure, executed in continuous, is visualized on a large LCD graph display, which also indicates the measure unit and the name of the gas measuring. Moreover, it has an analog output 4-20mA to be connected to a remote control unit.

  • The Gas Point is an economical, microprocessor-based gas detector for continuous monitoring of toxic gases, oxygen or inflammable gases.

  • Non intrusive calibration and maintenance is performed using a
    magnetic wand to access the software through the enclosure
    window no need to open the enclosure (and obtain special area
    permits) to perform routine calibrations.

  • Easy to install - The enclosure provides two mounting holes.
    The instrument only need to be connected to the power supply (24 Vdc).

  • LCD graphic display - The backlight LCD graphic display shows the gas reading, with wide and visible numbers, together with the meausre unit and the gas name. Tapping a magnetic wand at the three buttons through the window gives full access to the menu and the calibration procedure. No need for an additional handheld terminal. The display can show also a bar graph of the concentration. The alarm and the fault signal are indicated by three flashing bright red leds.

  • Calibration and maintenance - Calibration procedure is fully automatically, and it is non-intrusive by the magnetic wand. New spare sensor can be easily put into the Gas Point by the factory precalibrated interface.

  • Versatility and reliability - In the programming mode it is possible to change the gain, the off-set, two alarm thresholds, the average, the full scale value, the sensor fail event. So, it is possible to use the same control unit with all catalytic, galvanic or electrochemical sensors. High sensitivity, long term stability and no false alarms are the hallmark of the new and improved sensors. Fastest response to the target gas combined with minimal interference buy other gases or environmental influences as well as the sensor life-time determine the reliability and the operating cost of a system. Moreover, Gas Point has an analog 4-20 mA output, for remote control or to transmit the alarm signal. Integrated control on the power supply assures the correct work also in the case of unstable voltages.

  • Certifications
    Waterproof enclosure: ATEX IIGD EX d t DA IIC T6
    CE electromagnetic compatibility

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