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Explorer M/C

Recom products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Explorer M/C
Modular system for measuring and monitoring of combustible, Oxygen and Toxic gases

Recom Industriale s.r.l. provides detectors for continuous monitoring of virtually all hazards of combu- stible atmospheres, toxic gases, oxygen deficieny using detection methods that best suit your application.

Multi Channel Sensor Control Unit
Modular system for measuring and monitoring of Combustible, Oxygen and Toxic gases.

  • Multi-channel microprocessor controlled gas detection system.

  • Programming of several parameters (gain, offset, full scale, alarm levels (3), fault of the sensors, etc.) makes it possible to check any
    measurement detectable with sensors 0-10 or 4-20mA.

  • The LCD display shows in real time and simultaneously the gas concentrations or the value of the parameters requested of the channels.

  • In programming mode, the LCD shows the functions of the key pads by a menu in 6 languages.

  • Certifications: CE - DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV-A7503) - RINA

Quick coupling connection terminals allow easy installation and upgrading of the system by the addition of extra channels. An emergency power supply (battery) and the control of the supply voltage ensure the safe running of the system even during power interruption and inconsistent power supply.

Cases  Rack for 4 - 8 16 channels and wall mounting
Size (rack 4 channels): width 105mm (21U), height 132,5mm (3HE)
(supplier): width 35mm (7U), height 132,5mm (3HE) 1.7kg.
Display LCD 2x16 digit (heated if ambient temperature is <0C)
Detection range %, ppm, and other parameters with firmware (8 bit, 256 liv.)
Power supply 18 28 VDC/110 220 VAC with transformer
Power comsumption 5 25 W
No. of channels 1 4
Alarms 3 levels, from 0 to 100% f.s.
Fault condition alarm for disconnected sensor
Analog input signals 2 for each channel (0 10 V / 4-20mA)
Optical visualizations 4 LEDs for each channel
1 fault + 3 programmable alarm levels
And 1 green LED for power
Audible alarm 1 buzzer activated in case of alarm
Relays 1 for general alarm and 1 for fault, common to the 4 channels NC and NO
Key pads 3 multifunction keys
Sensor power 13.5 V / 50mA
Operative temperature -20C to + 55C
Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Output for recharging 13,8 V / 100 mA for emergency battery 12V / 1,2 Ah
Battery (optional)
Programming languages
gain adjustment for each channel
offset and full scale adjustment for each channel
adjustment of 3 alarm levels for each channel
adjustment of the average of the reading time

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