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RefrigiWear products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

8-layer liner with waterproof leather upper,acid/oil resistant rubber base

RefrigiWear is the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial outerwear. Suppliying a wide range of industries with insulated garments and accessories needed to keep workers warm, safe and productive.

110S - Antarctic™
Industrial strength boots with replaceable liners, Steel toe, ASTM/CSA, Waterproof

The Antarctic Pac Boot has a superior form-fitting, quick-drying 8-layer liner with a 13"" waterproof leather upper. It has an acid/oil resistant Oarprene rubber base and rustproof hardware and a microcellular waffle insole. Also it has a GelFlex® anti-fatigue heel and midsole with a supporting steel shank, ASTM Steel Safety Toe and crack-resistant self-cleaning rubber outsole.

• Form-fitting 8-layer liner (110LR)
• 13" tear-resistant leather upper
• Micro-cellular waffle footbed
• Acid/oil resistant Oarprene rubber base
• GelFlex anti-fatigue heel and midsole
• Supporting steel shank
• Crack-resistant self cleaning rubber outsole

Sizes: Full 7-15

Please note all shoe sizes are as US, for equivalent European sizes, Please read our
conversion chart.

Color: Black

Comfort Range: Fahrenheit (-100 to 10) / Celsius (-73 to -12)




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