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Centurion products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Browguard Headband Mounted System

Centurion Safety Products has established an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its Centurion industrial safety helmets and Connect accessories providing complete head, face and hearing protection. The commitment is to first class product quality.

The Browguard system allows you to fit our range of general purpose Face Screens or Chin Guard Face Screens when a safety helmet is not required. A Chin Guard can be fitted to the Centurion Chin Guard Face Screens.

Key Features
The system is completely versatile: fit either the Centurion Chin Guard screens to the Browguard or the full range of Centurion General Purpose Face Screens (refer to General Purpose Face Screens product page for further information).

A Chin Guard is also available for fitting to the Chin Guard Face Screens if protection under the chin is required.

Browguard - Nylon.
Chin Guard Face Screens: - Polycarbonate Clear, Acetate Clear, Acetate
Antifog Chin Guard - Polycarbonate

Visible length:
Chin Guard Face Screens: - Visible length 160mm.

No softening before:
Browguard: 180C, Chin Guard: 150C
Face Screens: 140C - Polycarbonate, 80-100C - Acetate

No melting before:
Browguard: 220C, Chin Guard: 170C
Face Screens: 150C - Polycarbonate, 160-190C - Acetate


  • European Standard
    EN 166.
  • Options for face screens
    1 B 9 3 - Polycarbonate
    1 F 3 - Acetate Clear
    1 F 9 3 (EN 170 2-1,2) - Acetate Antifog

Product Options

  • Chin Guard Face Screen: Polycarbonate
  • Chin Guard Face Screen: Acetate Clear
  • Chin Guard Face Screen: Acetate Antifog

Product Codes

  • S89 - Browguard
  • S91C - Chin Guard
  • S910 - Chin Guard Face Screen Polycarbonate
  • S911 - Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Clear
  • S912 - Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Antifog

Data Sheet :

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