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Protector products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Hygiene Bumpcap - CE Certified to EN812

Scott Health & Safety Manufacturer of equipment for firefighting, including SCBA, respirators, thermal imaging cameras, escape equipment and communications equipment.

The Protector Bumpmaster is a wipe clean, low profile polyethylene bump cap. The Bumpmaster is ideally suited to applications where cleanliness in conjunction with impact protection are the prime considerations, for example, in the food preparation industry. The Bumpmaster is compatible with the wearing of ear defenders, goggles and safety spectacles and is available in a wide range of colours.

CE Certified to EN812
Wipe clean finish
Lightweight design
Comfortable protection
Wide range of colours
Choice of Plastic or Terylene headgear
Compatability with Ear Defenders, Spectacles and Goggles
Foam sweatband option

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