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Cofra products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Amalfi S1 P

Cofra has achieved the leadership of the specialist footwear sector. Cofra was the first itallian footwear manufacturer to achieve the certification for the specialist footwear sector : UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification.

SIZES 36 - 48

Upper suede leather
Lining SPHERA, 100% polyamide, breathable and highly resistant to tear and abrasion, thanks to its structure
Footbed METATARSAL SUPPORT, made of soft PU, full piece, antistatic, anatomic, removable, covered with cloth, it guarantees maximum comfort and shock absorption
Outsole CASUAL dual density PU sole
Plus non metallic APT Plate, non metallic TOP RETURN toe cap
Width 11 Mondopoint
Safety features : S1 P
Protection of toes against 200J impact
Penetration resistance (1100 N)
Dry areas with electrostatic discharges and high risk of toe injuries, nails, splinters and sharp objects

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