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First Base Plus

Protector products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

First Base Plus
Baseball style bump cap - CE Certified to EN812:1997

Scott Health & Safety Manufacturer of equipment for firefighting, including SCBA, respirators, thermal imaging cameras, escape equipment and communications equipment.

Designed to maximise comfort and user appeal, First Base + is the  second generation of the pioneering and innovative Protector safety baseball cap design. Designed to protect the wearer from bumps and lacerations to the head in a wide range of industries such as, Automotive, Aerospace, Food Processing, Transport and Logistics. First Base + is styled to maximise wearer appeal, is comfortable for full shift wearingand is the bump cap name that people want to wear.
CE Certified to EN812:1997
Patented flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic
Breathable cap fabric with high levels of ventilation; reduces heat stress and improves wearer comfort
Unique semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head, with a size range of 52-65 cm
Distinctive modern low profile design
Fully machine-washable with plastic inner peak
Colour Options - Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Red, Dark Green & Grey
Standard (70mm), Reduced (54mm) or Micro (25mm) versions
Unrivalled comfort - Closed cell soft foam pad
Wide and absorbent terry towelling sweatband
Corporate embroidered logo service available

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