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Vision Helmet

Centurion products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Vision Helmet
Vision safety helmet

Centurion Safety Products has established an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its Centurion industrial safety helmets and Connect accessories providing complete head, face and hearing protection. The commitment is to first class product quality.

The Centurion Vision safety helmet provides a level of protection against the multiple hazards in factories, construction sites and other hard-hat locations. In terms of performance, increased protection and user comfort, it represents the shape of tomorrow's PPE, brought to the marketplace ahead of time.

Centurion Safety Products have consistently striven to drive up user expectations of the quality and performance of PPE. The Centurion Vision is an innovative developmental response to our systematic research into workplace demands.

Vision has it all - striking, modern design, extended nape, reduced peak and a fully retractable visor. The Vision visor not only protects the eyes, but can be worn by all users, even spectacle wearers! This helmet, with its visor that is easy to pull down and retract, therefore gives employers the ideal way to provide instant eye protection to all workers without causing pauses in work flow.

The Centurion Vision helmet is approved and Kitemarked to EN 397 with the options: (please read :European Standards for Helmet and Bump Caps)

  • Molten Metal Splash
  • 440V a.c. (also approved to 1000 V a.c)
  • -30C (also approved to -40C) Lateral Deformation

The Vision visor is approved to EN 166 with the option B (Medium Energy Impact)

The Centurion Vision industrial safety helmet has gained acclaim for its radical design and styling by winning a Safety & Health Expo Product Innovation Award, sponsored by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF).

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