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CAP 2000

Centurion products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

CAP 2000
Baseball Bump Cap

Centurion Safety Products has established an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its Centurion industrial safety helmets and Connect accessories providing complete head, face and hearing protection. The commitment is to first class product quality.

The Centurion Baseball Bump Cap provides lightweight head protection while also doubling as a fashionable, comfortable piece of workwear. The look and feel of the Baseball Bump Cap makes it more acceptable for employees to wear, compared to the conventional plastic cap.

  • The design which is available in five attractive colours incorporates a stylish cotton baseball cap with ABS protective shell.
  • The shell and cap ensure that the CAP 2000 fits comfortably and securely for a prolonged period of time.
  • Headband-mounted ear defenders and goggles or spectacles can be worn to provide combined head, eye and hearing protection.
  • The added features of this model include a high level of ventilation (up to the maximum allowed within EN 812) to supply increased airflow.
  • The peak is also moulded to enable you to shape it to your personal preference and for enhanced upward visibility.
  • We have provided a rear Velcro adjustment strap for ease of use with an easy tuck-in strap slot.
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