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S28 CoolCap

Centurion products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

S28 CoolCap
CoolCap Baseball Bump Cap

Centurion Safety Products has established an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its Centurion industrial safety helmets and Connect accessories providing complete head, face and hearing protection. The commitment is to first class product quality.

S28 Coolcap is a fashionable workwear item as well as giving maximum comfort during prolonged use

The new design Baseball Cap is fitted over an ABS liner to provide lightweight head protection where high impact resistance is not essential, but there is a risk of minor bumps or scrapes to the head.

The CoolCap incorporates many new features and benefits, in particular large ventilation mesh panels, providing the maximum ventilation allowed within EN 812.

The ventilation panels are on each side of the cap, thereby providing a improved flow of air, both reducing heat build up and increasing user comfort.

The CoolCap comes fitted with a foam insert either side of the cap for additional comfort and side impact protection - making the sides of the CoolCap 45% more shock absorbent compared to a standard ABS liner. These side foam inserts are optional and are not necessary for the EN 812 test performance - so can be removed it preferred.

Available in six colours: red, green, black, gray, navy blue, royal blue, high visibility orange

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