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Ergotech Action

Bristol Uniforms products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Ergotech Action
Ergonomically designed range

Bristol Uniforms - a world leader in firefighter personal protective equipment is the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective clothing for firefighters.

Ergotech Action™
is the name given to Bristol Uniform’s ergonomically designed range developed after careful research into the different types of task firefighters are required to perform in their ensembles. Using the latest materials designed in close collaboration with the world’s leading fabric manufacturers, the Ergotech™ range provides improved fit, wearer comfort and less weight without compromising levels of operational protection. Combating wearer heat stress has been a key focus in the design process and the new range helps reduce internal body heat build-up for greater safety under extended operational conditions. The Ergotech Action series incorporates a number of innovative features including;

Collar and throat tab shape provide optimal compatibility with helmet and flashhood.
New shoulder shape and increased upper sleave allow full rotational mobility in shoulder and arm.
Shaped panel over the shoulder eliminates the shoulder seam and makes a smoother line.
Increased under arm gusset allows allows more manoeuvrability when reaching overhead.
Two action pleats added to the back shoulder

Fully articulated knees with convex seams around the knee for greater flexibility when bending/climbing.
Shaped seaming on the back of knee to reduce fullness when crawling.
Top of trouser contoured to the body with raised back and and elasticated adjustment across lumbar region.
'H' pattern braces.
Two large thigh cargo pockets.


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