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Seacrewsader 2010

Cosalt products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Crewsaver Seacrewsader 2010

Available with Deck Safety Harness
Either one or both of the 60g CO2 cylinders fitted can be activated to achieve buoyancy
Each chamber is fitted with a 2.5psi relief valve to ensure full buoyancy during single or double chamber inflation
High visibility inflation chambers and heavy duty cover
Approved to MED/SOLAS, MSC 200(80), MSC 207(81), ISO 12402-2, ISO 12402-8 (spray hood), ISO 12401 (Deck Safety Harness) EN361 (FA harness)

Twin chamber 275N MSC 200 (80)/SOLAS approved Lifejacket
Suitable for use with most Immersion and abandonment suits, subject to compatibility testing
Uses 2 x 60g cylinders on symmetrical inflation chambers
Fall Arrest and deck harness options

The SEACREWSADER 2010 is designed to meet the new SOLAS 2010 regulations according to MSC 81(70) as amended by MSC 200(80) and MSC 207(81) The SEACREWSADER 2010 outperforms the new requirements, providing increased performance in the most demanding environments. Improved body angle, mouth freeboard and face plane angles make the SEACREWSADER 2010 even safer at sea. Together with the improved rotating times, the new unique inflation chamber (patent pending) is designed to provide unrivalled comfort and support. The SEACREWSADER 2010 is both easy to don and comfortable. With a new more compact cover, this universal adult size lifejacket is suitable for persons from a minimum weight of 43kg and will fit a chest size of up to 1750mm. The SEACREWSADER 2010 is designed for extreme working enviroments and is also suitable for abandonment purposes. The high buoyancy level provides added protection when heavy work gear and clothing is worn. Each chamber is fitted with a 60g CO2 cylinder and 2.5 psi relief valve ensuring full buoyancy is achieved during single or double chamber inflation.

The cover is available as standard in durable PU coated polyester, it is also available with a heavy duty coated PVC or fire resistant cover. Supplied with UML MK5i Standard Automatic firing mechanism only, crutch strap fitted as standard.

The same specification as the Seacrewsader Lifejacket  with the addition of a full CE approved Fall Arrest (FA) body harness for safe working at height.

    Deck safety harness
    Built in spray hood
    Fall Arrest (FA) harness

    MED/SOLAS, MSC 200(80), MSC 207(81), ISO 12402-2
    ISO 12402-8 (spray hood), EN361 (FA harness)

    Buoyancy Category: 275N (actual 290N)
    Cylinder Size: 60g x 2

1143-AUTO: With hood, non harness
1143-AUTOH: With hood, incl. safety harness
1143-HDAUTO: With hood, Heavy Duty Cover, non harness
1143-HDAUTOH: With hood, Heavy Duty Cover, harness
1143-FRAUTO: With hood, Fire Resistant cover, non harness
1143-FRAUTOH: With hood, Fire Resistant cover, harness
1142-PLUS: With fall arrest harness (no hood)
Options without hoods available

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