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Airprotex BS Suit Nuclear

Respirex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Airprotex BS Suit Nuclear
Airprotex BS is a single use one piece garment used with a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR).

Respirex : the leading manufacturer of highly specialised chemical and respiratory protective clothing employing state of the art technology in garment material and suit design. All garments are fully engineered to global safety standards.

Powered Air Garments
Airprotex BS Suit Nuclear
The Respirex Airprotex BS single use suit has been developed for use in the Nuclear Industry to provide protection against particulate radioactive contamination.
All Airprotex BS suits are CE marked to EN1073-1:1998.
Breathing air is supplied to the suit via a rear mounted Scott Proflow 2 SC120 PAPR (120 ltrs/mn and Scott Promask (full mask)).
The suit allows complete freedom of movement without umbilical connections.
Product Features
 Plain cuffs for tape sealing to safety gloves or alternatively an O ring cuff system
 Integral sock booties with outer legs providing sealed protection
 A lightweight totally transparent PVC visor enabling unobstructed vision
 Unique security collar supplied with suit to maintain connection between Scott PAPR and suit at all times.
 Available in a range of sizes
 Optional Welders version (300micron PVC suits only)
 Optional Fall Arrest version (300micron PVC suits only)
 User standard approved Scott equipment (no modifications are required to the Scott apparatus when used with the suit.)
 Suit available in either anti-static 150 micron or 300 micron unsupported PVC, highly chemical resistant barrier laminate or thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane film (TPU). Anti-static properties are in accordance with EN1149-1:1996.

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