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Powered Respirator Protective Suit

Respirex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Powered Respirator Protective Suit
Gas tight chemical protective suit for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident.

Respirex : the leading manufacturer of highly specialised chemical and respiratory protective clothing employing state of the art technology in garment material and suit design. All garments are fully engineered to global safety standards.

Powered Air Garments
Powered Respirator Protective Suit (PRPS)
 The Respirex PRPS is a one-piece gas tight chemical protective suit manufactured from DuPont Tychem TK, a high performance multi-layer chemical barrier fabric. It is intended for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident and is type approved and CE marked in accordance with requirements of EN943-2:2002 as a Type 1b-ET limited use gas tight suit.
 The system has been tested against chemical warfare (CW) agents for permeation resistance and for respiratory protection against standard military challenges similar to those defined in the NATO respirator triptych D/103:1991.
 The suit should be used once the nature of the potential hazard has been established by a process of detection, identification and monitoring.
 Product Features
Manufactured from a high visibility lime yellow coloured material
• Respiratory system comprising a 3M Jupiter air filter unit (AFU) fitted with a visual display unit mounted inside the suit at the base of the visor. An audible alarm is also fitted to the AFU which can be heard by both the wearer and personnel working alongside
• 3M IS Lithium single use non-rechargeable battery pack
• Airflow indicator available to test operation of the 3M Jupiter AFU
• Twin JFR-85 combined TH3 ABEK2PSL gas and particle filters enhanced to provide additional protection against chemical and biological warfare agents (colour coded orange) fitted to exterior of the suit.
• Semi-rigid laminated visor permitting clear undistorted vision
• Knitted circular tube collar
• Heavy-duty gas tight zip fitted across the chest enclosed by double external storm flaps with a Velcro closure
• Dual glove system comprising Neoprene outer gloves bonded to inner Silver Shield laminate gloves, sizes of glove vary according to suit size. A pair of cotton gloves is also supplied to ensure maximum wearer comfort
• Gas tight locking cuff mechanism allowing easy replacement of gloves during post use maintenance
• Four exhalation valves fitted to the rear of the suit
• Fully adjustable internal waist belt with back pad which supports the 3M Jupiter AFU turbo unit
• External mounting for Firefly DSU
• Highly chemically resistant eHAZMAXf safety boots with steel toecap and midsole permanently attached to the suit. 
• Additional equipment available that can be worn inside the suit including a custom designed re-hydration pack with drinking tube and mouthpiece, peak less safety helmet with chin strap and thermal socks
• Stowage/carrying case to accommodate the complete PRPS suit with additional equipment detailed above
• All suits are leak tested in accordance with EN464:1994 prior to despatch and are sealed in a polythene bag ready for use in the event of an emergency
• A lightweight disposable Hazbag is available to quarantine the suit after use 
Available in six sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL.
A reusable PVC training suit version of the PRPS is also available

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