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Disposable Coverall Splash Contamination Suit

Respirex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Disposable Coverall Splash Contamination Suit
A fully encapsulating Type 3 Coverall chemical splash contamination suit of one-piece construction

Respirex : the leading manufacturer of highly specialised chemical and respiratory protective clothing employing state of the art technology in garment material and suit design. All garments are fully engineered to global safety standards.

Non-Gas Tight Suits
Disposable Coverall Splash Contamination Suit
The Respirex disposable coverall splash suit is designed for use in conjunction with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) worn on the interior of the suit.The suit is manufactured from RX L 132 a high performance barrier material produced by Respirex.
RX L 132 is highly flexible and comfortable to wear and provides outstanding protection against:
•  Hazardous dusts and powders 
•  Organic and inorganic acids and bases
•  Many commonly used gases
•  Blood and blood-borne pathogens
•  Many chemical mixtures in aerosol or spray form 
The Respirex coverall splash suit in RX L 132 meets the performance requirements of Type 3 limited-use chemical protective clothing in accordance with EN14605:2005.
In an emergency situation the garment is quick and simple to don.The Respirex coverall splash suit in RX L 132 offers excellent chemical protection at a competitive price.
Product Features
•    A visor manufactured from a laminate material produced at Respirex giving clear undistorted vision that will hold back chemical permeation for the substances listed in the European standard EN943-2:2002 and the American standard NFPA 1991 for more than 480 minutes.
•    Seams joined without stitching and tapes using the very latest ultrasonic technology
•    A zip down the centre of the breathing apparatus pouch covered by a self-adhesive storm flap made from RX L 132.
•    Elasticated ankles.
•    Sufficient exhalation valves to ensure that the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 1 mbar in 1 minute.
•    Options:- Elasticated wrists- Permanently attached gSilver Shield" gloves.

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