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SC1 Reusable Splash Contamination Suit

Respirex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

SC1 Reusable Splash Contamination Suit
A Type 3 chemical splash contamination suit of one-piece construction with breathing apparatus

Respirex : the leading manufacturer of highly specialised chemical and respiratory protective clothing employing state of the art technology in garment material and suit design. All garments are fully engineered to global safety standards.

Non-Gas Tight Suits
SC1 Reusable Splash Contamination Suit

The SC1 is a reusable Type 3 splash contamination suit designed for use with self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that is worn on the exterior of the suit.

The garment is CE certified to EN466:1995 and is intended for use in areas that are not potentially fatal to the user.
Product Features

A one piece design with integral hood which incorporates a face seal that is both shaped and flexible, providing a tight seal around the breathing apparatus face mask and preventing liquid penetration.
A 91cm (36h) zip positioned horizontally across the rear shoulders of the garment with storm flaps secured by Velcro to prevent the ingress of liquids.
 A double layer of material at the rear to strengthen the garment and prevent undue wear caused by the breathing apparatus rubbing against the suit.
 Elasticated inner legs with stirrups with elasticated outer legs designed to accommodate safety boots of the customerfs choice.
Safety gloves that are compatible with the material of the suit fitted by means of the Respirex locking cuff mechanism.
Additional protection can be offered to the knee and elbows.

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