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Respirex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

A fully encapsulating Type 1a/Level A Gas Tight Suit covering the wearer and breathing apparatus

Respirex : the leading manufacturer of highly specialised chemical and respiratory protective clothing employing state of the art technology in garment material and suit design. All garments are fully engineered to global safety standards.

The Respirex GTVB Type1a/Level A gas-tight chemical protective suit is of one-piece construction fully encapsulating both the wearer and breathing apparatus. The suit incorporates the latest technology in both fabric and suit design and is compatible with any manufacturer’s breathing apparatus.

All Respirex GTB suits are CE marked to the latest European standard for gas-tight clothing, EN943-2:2002, and are extensively used by emergency teams throughout the world.

Product Features
Double-glazed visor permitting clear undistorted vision that will withstand chemical permeation for the substances listed in the European standard EN943-2:2002 for more than 480 minutes; the mechanical strength of the visor conforms to EN146:1991.

Expanded back to accommodate self contained breathing apparatus.
Heavy-duty 122cm (48”) gas-tight zipper fitted to the right hand side of suit.
Highly chemically resistant ’Hazmax’ safety boots with steel toecap and mid-sole can be either permanently bonded to the suit or fitted by means of the new Respirex detachable boot system. This new system allows easy replacement of damaged or badly worn boots without affecting the integrity of the suit.

Gloves that are compatible with the material of the suit fitted by means of the Respirex locking cuff mechanism; this system enables the user to change the gloves when necessary.

Adjustable internal support belt enabling users of varying sizes to comfortably wear the suit.
Sufficient exhalation valves to ensure that the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 1mbar in 1 minute.
A pass-thru fitted to enable supplementary air to be passed (via an airline) to the second-man attachment on the user’s breathing apparatus.
Available with a wide range of airline couplings to ensure compatibility with any make of breathing apparatus.
Every garment tested for leak-tightness (internal pressure test) according to EN464:1994.
Taped inner and outer seams.
Suit supplied in a rigid plastic box to ensure correct storage when not in use; case dimensions 60 x 41 x 41 cm.
Suit fitted with a ventilation control switch that feeds air to the arms and legs at a rate of 3 or 30 litres/minute.

Important Notes
For certain applications the ventilation control switch can be set to deliver either 30 or 100 litres/minute.The air used for ventilation is taken from the SCBA and will reduce the amount available for breathing.

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