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Nitri-Tech II

Polyco products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Nitri-Tech II
Nitrile Synthetic Rubber Glove - Flock Lined or Unlined

Polyco is UK's market leader in designing,developing and supplying high quality hand protection to the industrial, consumer and medical sectors and is now one of Europe's leading glove companies.

Nitri-Tech II
Nitrile Synthetic Rubber Glove - Flock Lined or Unlined

Performance : Offers very good abrasion and puncture resistance, and protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, oils and certain solvents.
Comfort : Anatomically shaped ensuring comfort and reducing hand fatigue.
Good Grip : Slip resistant raised diamond pattern on palm of glove ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions.
Flock Lined Versions : Soft cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration keeping hands cool. Easier to put on and take off
Unlined Version : Flock and lint free.
Sanitized : Contains a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent.
Anti Static Properties : Meets the surface resistivity requirements of EN1149 part1: 1995

Glove type: Reusable
Offers protection from: Chemical

Working Environments
Oil and Grease

Level of grip : High
Level of Dexterity : High

Special Features
Latex Free

European Standards
EN1186 : Food Contact Approved
EN374-2 : Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms
EN374-3 : Resistance to chemical hazards (permeation)
EN388 : Resistance to Mechanical Hazards

Commonly used in:
Food Manufacturing and Preparation
Emergency Services
Engineering and Manufacture
Oil and Gas
Chemical Manufacture and Use
Laboratory and Pharmaceutical

  7 8 9 10 EN388
Nitri-Tech II Blue Flock Lined 944 945 946 947 4101
Nitri-Tech II Green Flock Lined 924 925 926 927 4101
Nitri-Tech II Green Unlined 904 905 906 907 3101
Length 33cm 33cm 33cm 33cm  


Data Sheet :

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