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Mars 1

ESKA products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Mars 1
The one-of-a-king Mars 1
certified to EN

ESKA, is the most innovative manufacturer in firefighting gloves sector, enjoys the highest recognition worldwide.


Certified to EN 659-2003

The one-of-a-king Mars I from ESKA, the leather fire-fighting product EN 659-2003 certified, radiant heat more than 22 sec-O-xylene-resistant.

  • Multiblock leather
  • non-burning
  • non-shrinking
  • acid-resistant
  • oil , water O-xylene replelling
  • hydrophobized
  • washable at 40C

More over this fire-fighting extrication glove is provided with slip, wear, and impact resistant Kevlar protection in the inner hand area.

ESKA Mars 1 - the faithful comapnion both in technical and fire-fighting deployment - thanks to the tree-dimensional cut, this glove provides superior tactile sensitivity. Kevlar reinforced inner hand, Category 4 wear resistant.

sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

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