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Grip It Oil Gauntlet C5

Polyco products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Grip It Oil Gauntlet C5
Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant KevlarŪ Liner with Dual PVC Coating

Polyco is UK's market leader in designing,developing and supplying high quality hand protection to the industrial, consumer and medical sectors and is now one of Europe's leading glove companies.


Grip It Oil Gauntlet C5
Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Kevlar® Liner with Dual PVC Coating

Grip : Granulated foam slip-resistant PVC coating on the hand provides an outstanding grip and is especially competent in oily conditions
Cut Resistant : Kevlar® knitted liner is extremely comfortable yet provides maximum cut protection
Chemical Resistant : Offers good resistance to a variety of chemical including acids, alkalis, oils and greases
Durable : Provides excellent durability under intense mechanical duress
Flexible : Waterproof dual PVC coating is highly flexible, which is maintained even in cold temperatures
Heat Resistant : Conforms to European standard EN407 for Thermal Hazards

Glove type: Reusable
Offers protection from: Cut

Working Environments
Oil and Grease

Level of grip : High
Level of Dexterity : Medium

European Standards
EN374-2 : Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms
EN374-3 : Resistance to chemical hazards (permeation)
EN407 : Protection against Thermal Risks
EN388 : Resistance to Mechanical Hazards

Commonly used in:
Waste Management
Local Authority
Emergency Services
Engineering and Manufacture
Glass Manufacture and Glazing
Oil and Gas
Chemical Manufacture and Use


  8 9 10 11 EN374-2 EN374-3 EN388 EN407

Grip It Oil Gauntlet C5

GIOG5/08 GIOG5/09 GIOG5/10 GIOG5/11 AQL 0.65 AKL 4542 X1XXXX


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