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Cromwell ER1 Helmet

Helmets Integrated products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cromwell ER1 Helmet
Providing protection for every emergency

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd manufacture helment systems with integrated face shields, visors, respiratory and communications equipment, offering protection to personnel in a wide range of occupations including pilots, firefighters & emergency services.

Cromwell ER1 Helmet.
Providing protection for every emergency
The Cromwell ER1 Emergency and Rescue Helmet meets the demand for the increased protection of personnel involved in a wide range of fire, emergency response, civil defence, and rescue operations including:
 - Road traffic accidents
 - Wildland fire fighting
 - CBRN incidents
 - Urban search and rescue
 - Ambulance / paramedic response
 - Police and public security
 - Confined space rescue
 - Water / mountain rescue
 - Helideck and airborne SAR
 - Coastguard and marine rescue

  • Designed to comply with international standards, the ER1 Emergency and Rescue Helmet has a multi-adjustable headband and retractable visor
  • The helmet can be fitted with a range of accessories, including communication systems, ear defenders, torch, full protective faceshield, forestry faceshield - a second outer helmet shell can be fitted for structural fire fighting use.
  • Lightweight - less than 800 grms - comfortable and easily adjusted to fit male and female head shapes and sizes across a wide range of ethnic groups
  • Manufactured in the UK by Helmet Integrated Systems - the leading international supplier of Cromwell and Argus helmets to the fire and police services and Alpha military and civil aircrew helmets


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