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Capilex TP

Polyco products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Capilex TP
Knitted Glove made from Dyneema and Glass with a Multi-Layered Nitrile Coating

Polyco is UK's market leader in designing,developing and supplying high quality hand protection to the industrial, consumer and medical sectors and is now one of Europe's leading glove companies.

Capilex TP
Seamless Knitted Glove made from Dyneema and Glass with a Multi-Layered Nitrile Coating

Cut Resistant : The breathable seamless liner made from DyneemaŽ and glass provides outstanding cut resistance and in combination with the multi-layered nitrile coating, top level abrasion and tear resistance.
Dexterity and Fit : The liner together with the knit wrist provides outstanding dexterity and a snug fit.
Dry and Wet Grip : The patented, multi-layered nitrile coating offers excellent wet and dry grip for safe and secure handling, and restricts oil penetration.

Glove type: Reusable
Offers protection from: Cut

Working Environments
Oil and Grease

Level of grip ; High
Level of Dexterity : High

European Standards
EN388 : Resistance to Mechanical Hazards

Commonly used in:
Waste Management
Emergency Services
Engineering and Manufacture
Glass Manufacture and Glazing

  7 8 9 10 EN388

Capilex TP

4001 4002 4003 4004 4543


22cm 23.5cm 25cm 26.5cm  

Data Sheet :

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