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Fleet Suits FS15 - FS16

Bristol Uniforms products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Fleet Suits FS15 - FS16
FS15 Coat and FS16 Trouser, Meets EN469:2005 Level 1

Bristol Uniforms - a world leader in firefighter personal protective equipment is the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective clothing for firefighters.

FS15 Coat, FS16 Trouser

Bristol’s Marine clothing has been used on board ships for over 50 years. The Fleet Suit is an internationally recognised fire suit.The fire coat, trouser, helmet, gloves and boots are in
compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC (Mared) and the relevant EN Standard.

These products all have Wheelmark Certification.

• Mared (Marine Equipment Directive) Approved
• Meets EN469:2005 Level 1
• Manufactured from:- Outer Fabric: HR2YE, yellow.

Inner lining: Thermal Barrier Quilted to FR Cotton

Style Features

Coat FS15

• Fleece lined high collar
• Zip front with velcro fastened fl ap
• Plain cuff s

Trouser FS16
• Outer patch pocket right leg
• One internal hip pocket
• Braces fastened with velcro through brace loops at front.
• Velcro fastened fl y

Sizes available are: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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