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DBI Sala products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Rollgliss Personal Decent Device

DBI-SALA : The Ultimate in Fall Protection any work environment. Embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation with its extensive range of fall protection solutions, designed to keep you working at height; safely, efficiently, comfortably.

Rollgliss® Personal Decent Device (50')
 Versatile & Economical This is a compact, simple, cost effective self rescue system for people working at heights.
 Installs in seconds, just connect it to the anchorage and it’s ready for use. All components are reusable and ready for relocation or storage.
 Ergonomic hand-lever provides personal control of activation and descent rate for total confidence.
 Permanently attached support slings for quick and easy donning, also snap hook connector attached if using with Delta No-Tangle™ harness.
 Constructed from non-conductive/corrosive materials for added safety and long lasting reliance.
 Easy Installation, simply connect the snap hook on the decent device to a suitable anchorage that can meet a load of 1,500 pounds and your ready to strap yourself in. (Use of DBI/SALA’s D-ring anchorage plate offers an excellent anchorage source - bolt or weld into place.)
 Once the device is anchored, place the sling under your arms and put your legs through each conveniently labeled sling (if wearing a Delta No-Tangle™ harness, connect the snap hook to your front D-ring). Then simply throw the small bag with the lifeline webbing over the edge and begin your descent. As you adjust the hand-lever up or down, you can control the speed of your descent. An added bonus is that the system can be used by two workers in an assisted descent situation.

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