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Multi-Span Sayfline System

DBI-SALA : The Ultimate in Fall Protection any work environment. Embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation with its extensive range of fall protection solutions, designed to keep you working at height; safely, efficiently, comfortably.

 Multi-Span Sayfline™ System (40')
 Multi-Span Sayfline™ is a horizontal lifeline system with bypassable intermediates which requires no special tools or equipment to install
 An economical and safe solution for non-engineered “home-made” systems and those requiring costly third-party installation
 Flexible multi-span system allows you to customize to your specific job site requirements – 180 ft. max. system length, with up to 30 ft. max. spans
 Unique one-piece Sayflink® Sleeve easily slides over the intermediate brackets with no manipulation required by the user for hands-free operation (Sayflink sleeve(s) must be ordered separately)
 System provides 100% tie-off for two workers, you can traverse the entire system without disconnecting for added safety
 Incorporates the Zorbit™ shock absorber for added safety, it allows you to use a standard 5,000 lb. Rated anchorage connector such as our fixed beam anchor, D-ring anchorage plate, etc.
 Complete with cable lifeline assembly and turnbuckle device to tension for ease-of-use, termination hardware, one intermediate per 30 ft. span and two Zorbit™ energy absorbers. Additional intermediate brackets must be ordered separately
 Sayflink sleeve(s) must be ordered separately
 System length = 40 ft. (systems available in 20 ft. increments up to 180 ft. Each system comes with one intermediate bracket per 30 ft. span, refer to the clearance chart to determine the number of brackets needed)
 Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI.
 The Multi-Span Sayfline™ system is a simple and safe “off-the-shelf” multi-span horizontal lifeline system for a multitude of applications designed for user installation. It is completely customizable including span length, total system length, and even final installation position. The intermediate brackets are specifically designed so the system may be installed above, even with or below the user. This system is the most economic multi-span system on the market as compared to subcontractor installed systems or with the safety and liability “home-made” systems include.
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