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DBI Sala products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Lad-Saf Powered Climb Assist System

DBI-SALA : The Ultimate in Fall Protection any work environment. Embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation with its extensive range of fall protection solutions, designed to keep you working at height; safely, efficiently, comfortably.

Powered Climb Assist System
 2-in-1 System Design
 Fall Arrest Rated
 Powered Climb Assist
 Adjustable Assist Range between 45-120lbs; 20-55kgs.
 Transportable Control Box
 Plug and Play Design
 Steel Lifeline
 Swageless Lifeline Terminations
 Ladder-Top Anchor Point
 Easy-Mount Brackets
 Universal Control
 The Lad-Saf®
Powered Climb Assist System is designed to provide both climbing assistance and fall protection for those who climb indoor permanent fixed ladders. All other competitive models require secondary fall protection systems that add cost, training time and can make the climbing cumbersome for the user.
 Features & Benefits:
 Assists the user in the ascent or descent of a fixed ladder to reduce fatigue.
 Adjustable system reduces overall weight of user by 45 to 120 lbs; 20 to 55 kg
 Versatile system is also fall arrest rated for safety and simplicity - no additional fall protection systems are needed.
 Eliminates the compatibility issue of ladder safety systems plus climb assist systems from different manufacturers.
 6160006 – Lad-Saf® Powered Climb Assist System; includes top bracket, bottom bracket and motor assembly
 9504786 – Control panel for system
 9502994AU - Control panel for system 200-240V (Australia)
 6160003 – Intermediate cable guide (if needed)
 6170000 – Cable assembly; to order, double the length of ladder and add 20 ft (6m) – Last three digits in part number detail length needed
 6116540 – Lad-Saf®
Detachable Sleeve with attached 2000112 carabiner, for use with 8mm or 3/8” wire rope cable
 6116507 - Lad-Saf®
Detachable Sleeve with attached shock absorber and karabiner (Australia)
 Related Models:
 9504786, 6160003, 6170000, 6116540, 1102342, 1102387, 1245208, 3320350.

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