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Protecta products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cabloc - vertical life line kit

Protecta : Trusted, quality fall protection for over 50 years, Protecta provides the complete line of fall protection products you can rely on, at exceptional value.

Cabloc Kit with Anchor Plates
AC3000 Series
This kit contains all the elements necessary for Cabloc System installation on a ladder or on a metal structure.

Kit is available in 3 configurations :
-AC3000/10 = 10m kit
-AC3000/20 = 20m kit
-AC3000/30 = 30m kit

Kit includes the following items :
- AC320 Cabloc Guide Cable
- AC323 Counter Weight for Cabloc
- AC325 Shock Absorber for Cabloc
- AC330 Cabloc Stretcher Clevis/Eye
- AC330/1 Cabloc Stretcher Clevis/Clevis
- AC340 Universal Cabloc Anchoring System
- AC350 Fall Arrester Cabloc + AJ514


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