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Protecta products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

First- Horizontal life line kit

Protecta : Trusted, quality fall protection for over 50 years, Protecta provides the complete line of fall protection products you can rely on, at exceptional value.

Kit HLL FIRST - Wall Mounting +XXM SS Cable
In order to simplify the life of our customers, the FIRST life-lines are packaged in a kit, AN5000 containing basic necessary parts to install a life-line on walls. All parts, and the technical installation manual are delivered in a handy container, it couldn’t be easier to transport.

Only the cable (AN51xx) and the corresponding number of intermediate brackets (AN5005) will have to be added.

To complement the base kit, several additional kits are available which include standard lengths of cable 10, 20 and 30 meters with intermediate brackets if necessary.

Which means, nothing forgotten, no more worries at the moment of installation.

Furthermore, the life-line FIRST integrates a new intermediate bracket, which allows the user to work both sides of the life-line; and now the cable structure is 7x7 for a better mechanical strength, and durability. The cable is delivered with one end already swage with a swaged fork end, ready for use.

AN5000/10 kit contains : 1 kit AN5000 +1 cable kit 10m
AN5000/20 kit contains : 1 kit AN5000 1 cable kit 20m +1 intermediate AN5005
AN5000/30 kit contains : 1 kit AN5000 1 cable kit 30m +2 intermediate AN5005


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