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Intelligent Safety System

Protecta : Trusted, quality fall protection for over 50 years, Protecta provides the complete line of fall protection products you can rely on, at exceptional value.

iSafe™  Intelligent Safety System
Taking the guesswork out of safety.

Whether you're responsible for a single construction site, a manufacturing plant or a series of oil rigs, managing your safety program is a challenge.
• How can you be sure that every piece of equipment you send out on the job is up-to-date and properly inspected?
• How do you know the right equipment gets to the right job at the right time?
• How do you keep up with paperwork for organizational efficiency, accountability and proof of compliance?
• In short,how do you get the information you need to effectively manage your safety program?

Introducing...the iSafe™ Intelligent Safety System
The revolutionary iSafe Intelligent Safety System from DBI-SALA maximizes the effectiveness and minimizes the total cost of your safety program through web-enabled intelligent technology. The system allows you to easily record and access information on inspections, inventory and purchase information. Track equipment assignments by worker or location. View or download equipment instructions, regulations and more!

Intelligent technology gives you control !
iSafe™ simplifies your job and enhances your safety program through:

Inspection tracking
• Up-to-date inspection logs for product reliability and safety
• Verification system to promote compliance
• Electronic record for traceability and audit

Inventory control
• Tracks inventory on the site or around the globe
• Paperless and accurate asset management
• Easy retrieval of information for inventory control
• Theft and diversion prevention

Information management
• Real time website support for consultative safety solutions
• Instant access to key information to streamline logistics and safety management
• Accountability by logging product and inspection status by job

iSafe promotes:
SAFETY : assures up-to-date, inspected equipment for workers.
COMPLIANCE : supports proper handling and records for accountability.
PRODUCTIVITY : gets the right equipment to the right place at the right time.
COST CONTROL : provides streamlined access to the information you need.


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