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Horizontal Lifeline System

Protecta : Trusted, quality fall protection for over 50 years, Protecta provides the complete line of fall protection products you can rely on, at exceptional value.

Evolution™ Horizontal Lifeline System
The Evolution™ horizontal lifeline system is a permanent low tension, multi-span lifeline used for fall protection on elevated horizontal surfaces. Fully engineered system will allow up to 5 users traverse from one extremity to another in a truly “hands-free” environment. For work on roofs or overhead cranes, operations in aircraft hangars, bridge maintenance or loading docks, railcar, arenas-rigging, warehouse distribution, piperacks - all activities calling for many professionals to work at a height.

Easily installed, the system is particularly flexible for companies seeking the protection of their workplaces without any damage to the buildings or the structures into which the lifeline has to be incorporated. A specially designed computer program simulates the necessary clearances and possible heights of fall: this design software validates the compatibility of the structures with the lifelines, no matter how complex.

Stainless steel components reduce premature weakening from corrosion and maintain strength and durability for longevity. The system's shuttle provides hands-free bypass of the intermediates and maximum freedom of movement, allowing the user to attach or detach from the lifeline at any point along the system. The intermediate bracket can be installed in many different configurations (on the ground, at various heights on the wall, etc.) and at regular intervals, to ensure the optimum distribution of forces along the lifeline. It is shaped specifically so as to allow the automatic passage of the shuttle without the user ever having to disconnect from the lifeline. The corner brackets patented flexible cable guide design allows for any possible curve to be forged to follow the user's movement as closely as possible. The LEAP (linear energy absorption product) is a 4-in-1 system; an in-line shock absorber, system tensioner, tensioning indicator and an impact indictor. A series of engineered roof stanchions are also available that can be used for most corrugated steel, wood and built-up roofs for added system flexibility.

Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI.

In addition, the line has been designed in compliance with international safety standards (EN795 class C – ANSI Z359.1 -CSA Z259.16 - AS/NZ S1891.4 part 2 & 4).

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