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Protector products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Unique radio communications interface

Scott Health & Safety Manufacturer of equipment for firefighting, including SCBA, respirators, thermal imaging cameras, escape equipment and communications equipment.

Sabre Com is a unique radio communications interface that fully integrates with your choice of Sabre facemask. SabreCom is available as a complete communications solution on the Vision 3, PanaSeal and PanaVisor facemasks.

Key Features Fully integrated communications solution

Supplied with an adaptor to suit the user’s choice of radio.

Extensively tested in high ambient noise for optimum clarity and speech reproduction.

Flexible boom style ear-piece.

Sits inside modern close fitting helmets.

Large ‘push-to-talk’button.

Simple ‘push and twist’ bayonet connection mechanism for simple and fast removal.

Standards CE certified to EN137: 2002 and IP67

Data Sheet :

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