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Escape Breathing Apparatus

Scott Health & Safety Manufacturer of equipment for firefighting, including SCBA, respirators, thermal imaging cameras, escape equipment and communications equipment.

Sabre was oringinally contacted by the Ministry of Defence to help develop a piece of emergency escape breathing apparatus that would safeguard against unecessary loss of life, like that seen during the falklands war. During this conflict it was found that 90% of fatalities on HMS Sheffield died through smoke inhalation. The result of research conducted by Sabre led to the development of the Emergency Life Support Apparatus or 'ELSA'.

Renowned as the world's leading Constant flow escape set ( also known as EEBD), the Scott Safety ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.

Unique cuboid hood with elastomeric neck seal for easy donning and excellent visibility
High visibility or Anti-Static bagAutomatic activation a constant flow of air is provided upon opening the ELSA bag
10 or 15 minute versions available
Hood design enables it to be worn by those with beards or glasses

Also available : ELSA - Industry standard constant flow 10 & 15 minute escape sets
ELSA Dash- Escape set with constant flow 10 & 15 minute bag & jacket versions
ELSA Muster- Positive pressure escape set with ancillary air in attachement
ELSA Sprint - Escape set with maximum respiratory protection

Regulatory Approvals
CE Marked to EN1146
MED "Shipswheel" Approved

Data Sheet :

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