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RAS Asbestos

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RAS Asbestos
Respiratory Airline System

Scott Health & Safety Manufacturer of equipment for firefighting, including SCBA, respirators, thermal imaging cameras, escape equipment and communications equipment.

The Sabre positive pressure Respiratory Airline System (RAS) can be used in combination with a negative pressure filter canister for entering or leaving work area.

Designed for use in asbestos removal the Ras Asbestos incorporates an in-line medium pressure particulate filter, which removes any asbestos fibre's that may enter the hose before connection to the airline. A medium pressure whistle is also incorporated to warn the wearer of any drop in airline pressure.

Ras Asbestos can be used with an airline supply from the Modulair 2 range, compressor or factory airline system.

CE marked to EN139 Standards

Key Features :Available with inline filter to remove particulates from the airline supply, ideally suited for asbestos work

Bandolier harness for easy and secure donning
For use with PanaSeal and Vision facemasks
Integrated entry and egress facility
Suitable for asbestos removal, nuclear process and decommisioning work as well as the stripping and spraying of iscyanate paints.

Data Sheet :

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