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Bristol Uniforms products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

North American style - NFPA

Bristol Uniforms - a world leader in firefighter personal protective equipment is the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective clothing for firefighters.

Bristol Unifroms manufactures firefighters' garments which meet the North American Standard.

The garments we produce are tested by an independent test house, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), who carry out rigorous testing on the materials, components and garments, which are then certified. in addition, we have regular on-site audits at our factory by UL.

Bristol Uniforms was the first company to supply this type of garment, manufactured in Britain from European fabrics, to the US market .

Garments are manufactured from a range of outer fabrics, such as NOMEX III, NOMEX Delta T, Pbi Gold and Basofil. The moisture barrier predominantly used is CROSS-TECH, manufactured by W.L Gore & Associates.

Available material structues:

N/A - TN/A - Pbi Kevlar/Cross-Tech/Thermal Barrier/NOMEX/Viscose quilt.
N/C - TN/E - NOMEX Delta T (Yellow)/Cross-Tech/Thermal Barrier/NOMEX/Viscose quilt.

Coats and trousers available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.

Complies with standards : North American - NFPA


Data Sheet :

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