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Moldex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

The 8000 Series Reusable half mask

The worldwide specialist for innovative respiratory and hearing protection. Offering a variety of FFPs and Half masks for respiratory protection and a wide range of hearing protection - either disposable or reusable.

Reusable half mask - Series 8000
Cost effective, reusable, low maintenance respirator, providing high performance protection. For maximum hygiene and cost effectiveness. Reusable respirator providing high performance, low maintenance protection. Few and easily replaceable parts means simpler and less maintenance. Different gas and particulate filters can be combined.

Safe and Comfortable
Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin.
Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
Easily accessible components
Clean design
New inhalation valve with every cartridge

Mask body radial connector [EN140:1998] :
 Thermoplastic material with high flexibility for better comfort and a safe fit.
Product code [size S]:
Product code [size M]:
Product code [size L]:

Particulate filter holder: 2 part set

Particulate filter [EN143:2000+A1:2006]:

P1 R D Product code : 8060  Holder : 8090 / 8025 / 8095
P2 R D Product code : 8070  Holder : 8090 / 8025 / 8095
P3 R D Product code : 8080  Holder : 8090 / 8095

Gas filter [EN14387:2004+A1:2008]:

A1 : Product code : 8100
A2 : Product code : 8500
ABE1 : Product code : 8200
ABEK1 : Product code : 8900

For more information please read :
General Information about Gas & Particulate filters


Data Sheet :

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