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MeILows - 7600

Moldex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

MeILows - 7600
Protection against lower noise levels
SNR 22

The worldwide specialist for innovative respiratory and hearing protection. Offering a variety of FFPs and Half masks for respiratory protection and a wide range of hearing protection - either disposable or reusable.

Product Code : 7600
SNR 22dB  [H26 M18 L12]
Within plastic bag

Protection against lower noise levels. Designed to keep you in touch with your environment and aid communication.

The MeILows are the Moldex solution to lower dB-protection. They have the same shape and feel as the standard Moldex plugs and are confortable and easy to insert. They are low dB because of the science that goes into the foaming process. A unique formula and special production process changes the foam composition in a way that reduces the noise filtering quality of the plug in a specific way.
The noise reduction is especially low in the medium and lower frequencies, where speech frequency is found. Its higher in the high frequencies. The colour of the MeILows(SNR 22) cleary set them apart from the Moldex Spark Plugs (SNR 35) and Pura-Fit (SNR 34) ear plugs that have higher SNR values. They are also available in the best selling MoldexStation dispensing system that is now colour coded.

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