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Large Sizes? Special Color? Alterations? Logo Embroidery?
RefrigiWear is unique in that they can handle special and custom requests quickly and cost-effectively. In association with RefrigiWear, Magus offers embroidery, repair and reflective tape enhancement as in-house services for all RefrigiWear's customers.
If you have any questions about our services, please contact your nearest Magus sales office.
Embroidery Services
E-mail us a jpeg, tiff or your logo, or send us your company logo on a letterhead or business card and we'll make your logo work for you. Available as direct embroidery or embroidered badges.
Repair Services
Keep your hard-working RefrigiWear garment as good as new!

For optimum protection your RefrigiWear garment should be free of holes, torn cuffs, broken zippers or split seams. Magus International can quickly and inexpensively refurbish most RefrigiWear garments.

Repairs include: replace zippers, cuffs, stitching and binding, suspenders, pocket flaps and snaps. We also patch holes and repair linings.

To take advantage of Magus International's repair services:
Please complete the Garment Repair Form & send along with the garment to your nearest Magus Sales office for pricing and repair.

Garment Repair Form
for Expedited Service

Download PDF)

RefrigiWear has the know-how and capabilities to maximize your RefrigiWear garments functionality and comfort for your unique needs.

A few common alterations include:
• Shorten sleeves or trousers
• Inside pocket
• Velcro closures
• Change collar fabric
• Quilted patch pocket
• Leather knee or elbow patches
• Extra fleece for added warmth
• Two-way radio strap
• Badge holder

Please contact Magus Sales offices for more details.

Special Sizes
One size does not fit all.
Finding garments to fit larger sized or less traditional figures can be difficult, therefore we offer Made-to-Measure garments. We will custom manufacture a garment to fit you. Sizes XS, 6XL, 7XL and taller sizes are available as a special order. Custom delivery is four to six weeks. Contact Magus Sales offices for more details.

Custom Colors
RefrigiWear stocks a broad array of colors to fulfill your custom color needs. Royal blue, white, red, orange, black and more colors are available. Contact Magus Sales offices for more details.

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