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Workplace safety is about preventing injury and illness to employees and volunteers in the workplace. Therefore, it's about protecting the most valuable asset: workers. To make the workplace safer, the organization has to acknowledge which potential health and safety hazards are present. Or determine where and what and how a worker is likely to become injured or ill. It starts with analyzing individual workstations and program areas for hazards.

Magus International , a division of Mahmoud Said Fakhry & Sons Co.,has been serving the Middle East workforce for over 30 years and has become an expert in looking after the needs of our customers, in all types of industrial or commercial environments. We have a range of personal protective equipment and safety products to suit all levels of personnel.
Lyngsoe Rainwear!
Lynsgoe outerwear.....
Clearance sale!
Clearance Sale!
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firefighting suit
New! NFPA 1971:2013 firefighting suit
from Bristol uniforms
Polyco introduces the new Grip ItŪ Plus
New from Polyco!
Grip ItŪ Plus
High quality Showers and Eyewashes
Magus International
launches emergency showers and eyewash stations from Carlos Arboles