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Wallace Cameron products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Pilferproof Fabric Plasters

A leading designer & manufacturer of First Aid kits & eye wash stations for all industries including food & catering.

Pilferproof Fabric Plasters
Our pilferproof fabric plasters allow one handed easy application due to their unique design. They also prevent employees from 'helping themselves' which not only increases cost to the business but also increases risk to possible casualties. One end of the plasters is clipped into your first aid dispenser preventing the plaster from being removed intact.
 One handed application
 prevents misuse by up to 35%

 1201008 Pilferproof Fabric Assorted x 100
 1201004 Pilferproof Fabric 7.2 x 5cm x 100
 1201005 Pilferproof Fabric Anchor x 100
 1201009 Pilferproof Fabric 7.2 x 2.5cm x 100

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