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EL 480

Enware products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

EL 480
Portable eye wash/body spray 9l

Enware delivers specialist products like Emergency Shower range / Chemical & Biological Neutralisation /Odorklenz Odour Neutralisation / Tobin Eyewash Systems with fully integrated supply chain capabilities and backed by certified ISO quality controls.

Portable Eye Wash /Body Spray 9L
Product Code: EL 480
Portable Water Capacity: 9L (2G)
Pressurise to : 700kpa (100psi)
Hose Length : 1.5m (59")
Shipping Weights : 2kg (4.4lbs)
Outlet: Aerated

Stainless steel tank
Pressure Gauge
Pressurised by plant or bottled air via tyre filler connection
Powder Coated Finish

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