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Enware products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cytotoxic Body Fluid Spill Clean-up Kit

Enware delivers specialist products like Emergency Shower range / Chemical & Biological Neutralisation /Odorklenz Odour Neutralisation / Tobin Eyewash Systems with fully integrated supply chain capabilities and backed by certified ISO quality controls.

Biohazard Spill Kit
Cytotoxic drugs are commonly used for the treatment of many diseases and present additional risks to healthcare workers and carers. Whether the chemicals themselves or body fluid from patients, cytotoxic drugs can be extremely harmful to your health.
 Particularly designed for protection from hazards that may still be present in vomit or other body fluids from patients undergoing cytotoxic drug treatment.
 Order codes
 ZEO-ZCYTB - Cytotoxic Body Fluid Spill Clean-up Kit
  1 x Instruction sheet
  1 x Face mask with eye shield
  2 x Pair purple of nitrile gloves
  1 x Hairnet
  1 x Pair shoe covers
  1 x Protective gown
  1 x 200g sachet of ZeoMed absorbent powder
  1 x Chemosorb pad
  2 x Purple cytotoxic bag
  1 x Red alginate bag
  1 x pH neutral foaming detergent
  2 x Cytotoxic spill sign
  3 x Cable tie
  1 x Scoop & scraper
  2 x Cleaning cloth
 Hospital, health care, patient transport, veterinary, medical, aged care, nursing home

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