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Carlos Arboles products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Visual and audible alarm for showers / eyewash

CARLOS ARBOLES, S.A. supplies high quality Showers and Eyewashes like Taps and Fittings for Laboratory and Emergency showers and eyewash that are extremely reliable.

Visual and audible alarm for showers / eyewash (for non explosive atmospheres)

The alarm kit works simultaneusly in combination with the emergency equipment when the shower / eyewash is activated by the user, allowing to alert to first aid team.

Optionally, it sends an operation signal to the control room of the facility.

G1" M (to water supply piping)
G1-1/4" M (to safety equipment's water inlet)
WATER SUPPLY PRESSURE: Optimum 2 bar / Minimum 1.5 bar / Maximum 8 bar
POWER SUPPLY: 220-240V AC 1A 50/60Hz (Schuko connection)

Data Sheet :

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