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Air Series (Non valved)

Moldex products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Air Series (Non valved)
Medical certified, 2 sizes, FFP2, FFP3

The worldwide specialist for innovative respiratory and hearing protection. Offering a variety of FFPs and Half masks for respiratory protection and a wide range of hearing protection - either disposable or reusable.

Air Series Masks
Medical certified, Non valved, 2 sizes, FFP2, FFP3

Masks especially designed for healthcare, emergency services as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Medical Masks

  • Combines FFP Mask and Medical Mask in one
  • Significantly reduced breathing resistance, high filter capacity, longer usage time
  • Available in two sizes
  • Individually packed
  • DuraMesh®: Strong and durable structure, keeps the mask in shape
  • ActivForm®: no nose clip needed
  • Comfortable nose seal and Loop strap with clip
  • Tested and certified to the standard for PPE EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and tested and certified to the medical standard EN 14683:2005

Conventional medical masks, protect the wearers surroundings from droplets and other particles that are expelled into the air when talking and exhaling, yet they don’t protect the wearer himself.

The Moldex Air Masks without exhalation valves are medical masks and FFP Masks in one. Therefore they offer protection for both the wearer and their surroundings.

Protection for the wearer

  • against airborne contaminants [FFP2 NR and FFP3 NR according to PPE standard EN 140:2001]

  • against liquid splashes [splash resistant, type IIR according to medical standard EN 14683:2005

Protection for the surroundings

  • 98% filter efficiency against bacteria [type II according to medical standard EN 14683:2005]

Due to the Moldex pleated filter technology, Air-Masks offer the filtering performance of an FFP Mask with the low breathing resistance of a conventional medical mask.

Product code Protection level Units/Box
3100 FFP2 NR D [EN 149:2011+A1:2009]
Type IIR [EN 140:2001]
Size M/L
3150 FFP2 NR D [EN 149:2011+A1:2009]
Type IIR [EN 140:2001]
Size S
3200 FFP3 NR D [EN 149:2011+A1:2009]
Type IIR [EN 140:2001]
Size M/L
3250 FFP3 NR D [EN 149:2011+A1:2009]
Type IIR [EN 140:2001]
Size S
Protection levels (UK):
FFP1: 4 x Workplace Exposure Limit
FFP2: 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit
FFP3: 20 x Workplace Exposure Limit
NR [non reusable]: Disposable FFP. Comfortable and durable throughout the whole shift.
D: These masks have passed the optional Dolomite clogging test. Better breathing resistance for longer.
Information about the protection levels (more info)
Difference between Standard FFP masks & Surgical masks (more info)


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