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Physioderm products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Skin protection cream for highly-adhesive & water-insolubles like oil, varnish, adhesives & resins.

Physioderm is a leading manufacturer of products for skin protection, skin cleansing, skin care and disinfection. With both DIN EN IS0 9001:2000 & DIN EN IS0 13485:2003 certificate for the group to manufacture medical products and drugs.

White, non fatty, fast-absorbing cream, suspension with skin-protecting pigments, fragranced, silicone-free, skin-neutral pH value , without mineral oil
Water-soluble cream that protects the skin from strongly adherent dirt and facilitates gentle skin cleansing with special emulsifiers
Areas of application:
Heavy soiling or strongly adherent substances (e.g. waste oil, adhesives, resins, lacquers, paints)
Order Codes:
100 ml tube : 13637003
 1000 ml folding bottle : 13637001

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