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Lubetech products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Mechanical Drain Cover

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

Mechanical Drain Cover

Neoprene seal to form effective chemical resistant barrier
Straight forward single lever locking operation
Useful for deploying during routine operations, such as tanker deliveries.
Lubetech mechanical drain cover
The most effective drain protection solution available
Cover locks itself onto the drain for maximum fluid resistance
Completely oil resistant
Extremely easy to operate in all areas
Multiple use can be deployed as a routine precaution i.e. during tanker deliveries
The best all round solution available.

Description Size Pack Qty Product No.
Mechanical drain cover 56cm x 50cm 1 31-1037
Mechanical drain cover 67cm x 60.5cm 1 31-1036
Mechanical drain cover 43cm x 36cm 1 31-1038

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